When I was in the midst of newborn stage as a first time parent, everything was a blur. I just remember thinking nobody had prepared me for this. I mean, they did...sort of. But more in the "see all movies now while you can!" or "sleep while you have the chance!" kind of way. The pretty unhelpful way. People said our life would change. People said time would fly by so quickly. People said it was the sweetest time. 

Now, I think I'm one of those people. Because our life did change -- in a million good and beautiful ways. And time does fly by so quickly -- our oldest is now over four, and I'm pretty sure I was just pregnant with him. And newborn stage was the sweetest time -- when they need you for EVERYTHING. In the moment, it's exhausting. Looking back, it's when the bonding began.

I love seeing new babies and new parents now, realizing that they're journeying through those same first moments together that begin it all. The journey of everything good, hard, beautiful, frustrating, worrisome, delighting, and unforgettable... parenthood. :)