When Ellen first told me about their plans for the backyard wedding she and Jim were going to have, I was all in. There are few types of celebrations I love more than a gathering of a bunch of family and friends in a location that is meaningful to a couple — and what is more meaningful than their own home and backyard? Ellen and Jim had worked hard to make the yard so perfect (it is such a gorgeous setting to begin with!), open the pool, and create a space where those closest to them could come and celebrate their marriage in a fun and relaxed party. As the day got closer, the weather forecast got worse, and they decided to move the ceremony into the living room, which ended up being so lovely. Later on, the rain lifted and guests were able to move outside and still enjoy the beautiful setting on a mild spring evening.

Since we didn’t know if the rain would ruin all outdoor plans on the wedding day, I also went by their home the evening before the wedding to capture some of their family members having a little get-together, and I’m so glad I did! Enjoy this sneak peek at their wedding weekend — the evening before, and the day of the celebration! Congratulations, Ellen and Jim!