The one with all the happy tears. You know how Friends (the TV show) had every episode titled with "The one where..." or "The one with..." Well, Kari and Joe's wedding was one with a LOT of wonderful things, but I keep thinking about all the happy tears that were shed on this day. The tears that made it so evident how seriously they took the commitment of marriage. The tears that were an overflowing of joy that the day had finally arrived. Tears that represented their journey, their excitement, and their love. So this is the one with all the happy tears.

It's also the one with tons of laughs, silliness, a fun take on wedding details, and a heart of hospitality woven throughout the whole day. Kari and Joe LOVE people. And they love them well. And their people love Kari and Joe, and it's easy to see why.

Here's a small sneak peek into their wedding day story. Their reception was at the brand new venue, The Everly (they were the first wedding!). Kari also got ready there. Their ceremony was at Christ Community Church - Brookside, which is just so stunning.

Big thank you to my second shooter, Jenny Shipley, who always does a fantastic job.