While there's something so lovely about a great classic family portrait in a beautiful natural setting (and those have great value), I always think well into the future about what images are going to mean the most to my children when they're grown. I think it's the same kind of images that mean the most to be now that I'm an adult -- the images that transport me back to a place and time and a fleeting moment of family life. The images that tell a story of silliness, sweetness, fun, play, love, and home. When we photograph a family at home, it can sometimes feel a little crazy for the family -- and I know and love that about the process. I don't know about you, but my home is often a little crazy. Kids are running, playing, talking loudly.  The treasure that lies in documenting a family at home is the ability to capture those in-between moments that we just can't do well with our iPhone (or don't have time to do in the busy day-to-day). I loved how much personality came out in this family session, because their kids were so comfortable in the environment -- their home!