This was a wedding I left and replayed so many moments over in my mind: the time her dad cried when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress, and the proud look on her mom's face all day. The way the bridesmaids were so excited for Ashley, and made the day all about celebrating their relationship. Bryce's sweet and oh-so-happy reaction to seeing his bride. The priest's message on marriage. The K-State themes sprinkled throughout the day. Bryce's brother and best man's rap toast that had everyone laughing, but wiping away tears by the end (a true toast success -- and I've seen a lot of toasts). The couple's first dance, where they looked so happy and Ashley's elegance really shone through. And the gorgeous Kansas sunset over the hills at the winery. Such a good day.

They started and ended the day at Liquid Art Winery in Manhattan, Kansas. Their ceremony was at St. Isidore's Catholic Church. Special thanks to Meghan Tuttle for second shooting with me!

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