The sun was shining. The smiles were big. The love was palpable. No detail was left undone. Maile and Patrick’s love is one that is so obvious when you’re with them. They just make sense together. They both are SO HAPPY to be with one another, and this joy was even more magnified on their wedding day, which was a gorgeous fall day at Mildale Farm (one of my favorite places!). You’ll be able to see it in the photos — from their sweet first look where they read each other letters, to their ceremony where they couldn’t stop smiling, to their party bus ride and fun portrait time (check out the series of photos of their champagne popping… ha ha!), to their reception that was a perfect mix of heartfelt, personal, and a great party.

I also loved how involved their parents and family members were all day (and in general in their lives!) and I got teary-eyed several times watching them with their parents throughout the day. It was also fun to see other couples whose weddings we’ve done in the past!

Okay, I’ll stop talking and let the photos tell the story (and the video later when it’s ready!). A big thank you to my second shooter, Kassie Wolfinger.

Maile and Pat — congratulations! Enjoy this preview of your day!