There's a lake in New Hampshire where the water is deep blue, rain rolls in and just as quickly out, cliffs rise up around it, wooded islands scatter throughout the waters, and where life just feels a little slower paced. It's a lake where memories are made, families retreat for a season, sparks fly, and the sweet parts of life happen. And it's a lake that welcomes guests warmly, as ties are tied, dresses zipped, flowers arranged, and two people speak vows to one another, musicians play, candles flicker, and partygoers celebrate into the early hours of the morning.

Elizabeth and Matt invited us in to their story, one that was overwhelming in all good senses of the word. They are thoughtful, warm, loving, kind, and simultaneously focused on the details and the big picture. Their wedding weekend was such a joy to be a part of, and we are thrilled to share with you this TEASER video from the weekend. While we filmed for three days, and have a wonderful longer, rich story to tell about the whole weekend, this teaser film gives a sneak peek into the wedding day and what made it so special. We're saving a lot of footage from more special moments to be revealed in their longer film, but we just love this sneak peek.

But be careful when watching it, because you just might fall in love with a lake called Squam. :)

(For best quality playback, please make sure the HD option is turned on. Then press play, then pause and let it load all the way before pressing play again!)