Summertime is the season that is filled with nostalgia for me. Waking up in a room that already feels a little too warm, bright sun streaming in -- summer days start and end with reminiscent thoughts, almost as if the humidity carries all of those old memories. It might be because summer was when a lot of those sticky memories happened: vacations, slower days, playing outside, eating watermelon with salt from my grandpa's garden, sleepovers with best friends. 

So when, as an adult, I get to help create summertime memories for my growing kids, it brings me so much joy. And when best friends who are still best friends come to visit, it's even sweeter.


My best friend since we were 6 years old brought her girls and her mom to spend the night with us, play in the sprinklers, and break in our new house a little. Before they left, we also had to do a quick shoot in the backyard, because that's what best friends who are photographers do. :) Love these girls.