During his speech at the reception, Nate shared that he had looked around the room and leaned over to Megan during dinner, saying: "All of these people here love us." 

It was so true. And for good reason. Megan and Nate are both people who draw others to them. I'm not sure Nate has ever known a stranger, because to know him is to love him. I've had the privilege of knowing him since he was a 16-year-old, and watching him grow into who he is today has just been awesome. He's loyal, kind, wears his heart on his sleeve, and cares so deeply about those around him, especially Megan. Megan is warm, thoughtful, heartfelt, quick to smile, and fun-loving. Their wedding reflected all of those traits, from the thought they put into the tiny details (like making so many things themselves by hand! Or not forgetting the kids!) to the big things like where they'd say their vows, and the place they wanted to have everyone celebrate -- her family's farm just on the outskirts of Emporia, Kansas.

It was a perfect day for two people who deserved nothing less.

Big thank you to my second shooter Jamie Montalto (who, in a funny turn of events, was also a sorority sister of Megan's. Small world!).

Enjoy this peek into their wedding day.

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