Family Film Giveaway!

Get excited!

As 2012 comes to a close, we wanted to do something big. Something to emphasize that we really do tell all kinds of stories, and that we care about people who want their stories to be preserved. So, at the end of this year (our first full year as Anecdotally Yours), we decided to run a contest to GIVE AWAY a family film.

Why do we think this is a big deal? Not only is the story of a family worth telling, but this is a unique and different way to tell it. A family film is typically a $1,000 investment. We’re gifting this to one special family, and even committing to traveling to their hometown in order to tell their story in its usual setting at no cost.

What is a family film? It’s a day in the life of your family, doing what you do. Here’s an example:

The Andersons: A Family Film from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.


The details on how you can enter for a chance to win a free family film, starting with the fine print:

  • Any family in the continental United States is eligible to enter
  • We will travel to the winner’s hometown at no cost and film a family doing everyday life things
  • Scheduling subject to our availability; we’ll do our best to find a date that works, and hope that the winner will do the same!
  • The contest will run from Monday, December 3rd, 2012, at 12:00 a.m. CST to Friday, December 7th, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. CST.
  • The winner will be announced on Monday, December 10th right here on the blog!
  • The winner cannot redeem for cash value, nor transfer to anyone else


Now, it’s time to enter for your chance! There are four ways to enter for chances to win. Each of these counts as an entry, so each family can enter up to four times (or, once for each method of sharing). For each way you share, you have to leave a comment ON THIS BLOG POST (in the comments section at the bottom) letting us know how (specific details below). So, if you participate all four ways, you’ll have four comments to leave, equaling four entries! We’ll be randomly choosing the winner out of the comments on this blog post only, and all comments must correspond with an entry! Don’t comment if you didn’t participate, because we’ll use the power of the internet and double-check!



“Like” the Anecdotally Yours page on Facebook ( and then hit “share” on the first post on our business page (the post about the Anderson’s family film), and share it to your wall! Tag @Anecdotally Yours in your comment so we can see your post. Then, come back to THIS BLOG POST and leave a comment with your Facebook profile name and tell us that you posted on Facebook.


Pin the following image to your Pinterest profile, linking back to this blog post (if you have the Pinterest plug-in for your internet browser, just hit “Pin it” and choose this image). In the “describe your pin” box, type our website address: (if you can — sometimes Pinterest blocks that), the hashtag #ayfamilyfilm, and put any little note you want. Then, come back to this blog post and leave a comment with your Pinterest user name and tell us that you posted on Pinterest.


Post a photo on your Instagram profile of your family doing something you love. Use the hashtag #ayfamilyfilm — then, come back to this blog post and leave a comment with your Instagram user name and let us know that you shared and hashtagged a photo on Instagram! And, for fun, if you want to follow us on Instagram, we’re @ericamayshort and @jeff_shortKC. Only the photo sharing and hashtag count as an entry, though. : )


Visit the blog of the fun family whose film is featured above, and find the post where Emily shared the family film. Here’s the blog URL: Leave a sweet comment for them on the blog post where she shared the film. Then, once again, come back to THIS blog post and leave a comment letting us know that you left a note on the Andersons’ blog!


So, to recap:

  • Four ways to participate. One entry for each method.
  • Entries are only counted by the comments left on this blog post (in the box below). That’s how we’ll keep track in one place, and what we’ll use for our random selection.
  • We’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 10th. The winner will be announced on our blog, so check back that day! After that, we’ll give the winner all sorts of details about the process from there! : )


You can start sharing right away — and enter in the comment box below!

Jenny - Pretty please… i know you want to come to Colorado…don’t you? :)

Nikki Krone - I posted a comment to the Anderson’s blog! I can’t wait to dive into her blog more once these crazy holiday’s are over!

Nikki Krone - Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Yikes! I have shared and tagged your post on my Facebook. Nikki Wilbur Krone (Love your stuff!)

Tracie ward - Shared on facebook

jeanna - I hashtagged you on instagram. our name is lichtenhouse, we will be following you.

jeanna - i blogged about your contest. we are so hopeful!

jeanna - i blogged about your contest. here: we are so hopeful!

Diana Yarborough - Left a comment on the blog.
This would be such a family treasure for usZ,

Sara - SO AMAZING!!! I left a comment with the Andersons.

Jamie Kennedy - Shared your picture on Facebook and also pinned it! We live in NJ and we were just hit by Hurricane Sandy.. after everything our town has been through.. it made us realize how important our family is.. We would love to win this for a sweet memory of our 5,4, and 3 year old :-)

My name is Jamie Kennedy on facebook and pinterest!

Abbi Cordova - Liked and shared on FB! :0)

amber ramsey - instagram. ramfammomma :)

kallie pitcock - left a comment on the Anderson Crew!

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Miranda - Commented on Emily’s blog.

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annalea - left emily a comment – seriously such a treasure to capture a family like that!

annalea - Pinned! :) (Annalea Hart)

annalea - Shared on facebook. (Annalea Jimmo Hart // annalea.j.hart)

Erin S - I also commented on the Anderson blog.

Erin S - What a lovely celebration of family! I’d love the chance to have one of my own! I followed you on FB.

Emily - I left a comment on ‘the Anderson’s blog!

Emily - I liked and shared on Facebook! Such a fun and cool giveaway!

Emily - I pinned as Emily Truong! I love this so much!

Robin - I pinned it!
Great idea! Hope you two are doing well!!!

tessa keath - I shared on IG. My IG feed is private…so I then shared the IG pic to my twitter. Hope this still counts!

Tessa Keath - I liked y’all and shared on facebook. Hope we win! :)

Tessa Keath - I follow the andersons blog, which is how I found out about this giveaway. I left them a comment.

Tessa Keath - Pinned it!

JenniferW - Shared on Instagram via HoboMomma

JenniferW - Oh wow. What an amazing giveaway. You guys are so talented! I commented on Emily’s blog.

Leah G - I love this idea! What a treasure to have your story filmed and frozen in time.

anything but loKEY - I left a comment on Emily’s blog. I was going to do it even before I decided to enter the contest. ;) I would share on Pinterest if I had an account. I know I am probably the last mother on earth without one but I have been treating it like my elementary teachers told me to treat cocaine. “Say No To Drugs…or Pinterest.” ;) I think what you are doing is awesome, and hopefully three entries will be enough to put me over. (fingers crossed)

anything but loKEY - Shared and hashtagged on IG. –anythingbutlokey

anything but loKEY - Shared and tagged you on FB. –Anna Akridge Lokey

Sarah Wonnell - Left a comment on the Anderson’s blog. Nice work. I love the heart and purpose behind what you are doing here. Carry on!

Sarah Wonnell - Instagram and tagged you. Filming my 3 boys would be a riot! :)

Sarah Wonnell - Shared on facebook….. i’m in KC… Pick ME! :)

Sara W - I left a comment on Emily’s blog. This is such a gift and will be treasured by any family.

Sara W - I left a comment on Emily’s blog. What a treasure this video will be!

Mary Liz Cawley - Pick me – commented on the Anderson blog

Mary Liz Cawley - Pick me please … I liked you on FB

Molly Jones - commented on Emily’s blog.

Molly Jones - Shared on Facebook!

Kellie - I have to share this on my page for you guys!! It’s amazing. I wish you could come to Hawaii!!

A - pinned it. :) Amber Ramsey

Amber Ramsey - left sweet emily a comment!

Amber Ramsey - shared on facebook: Amber Wyant Ramsey

Karen R. - I left a comment on the Anderson Crew’s blog post! I would love a video of our family. I’m good at taking pictures, but almost never get video of our 4 kiddos!

tracy dickinson - commented on the anderson’s blog! love their video!

tracy dickinson - shared on fb!

Kristy - Commented on Emily’s blog! You guys are amazing!

Christine Hunt - I shared the Anderson family on Facebook. Christine Hunt

Brittany - left a comment with the anderson family:)

Brittany - pinned on pinterest (kbarmstrong)

Brittany Armstrong - shared on fb. Brittany Kyle Armstrong

lisa bollens - i shared on facebook! name: Lisa Bollens

Lisa Bollens - i left emily a comment on her blog! i love the andersons! i’m so happy you did this for them! i would be equally happy if you picked me too =)

Lindsey - I pinned the giveaway pin! My username is lindseyloupins…thanks again!

Lindsey - I “liked” Anecdotally Yours on FB! You guys are great!

Lindsey - This is WONDERFUL! Thank you for such a great giveaway! I commented over on the Anderson’s blog!

Linda - Wow, loved the film and just left a comment on the Anderson Crew blog.

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Meagan - I also pinned your giveaway on Pinterest – Meagan Davis

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Rachel - I liked it on fb!

Rachel - I would love a family video! We are adoptive parents and foster parents and we had a family living with us for 8 months. Our house is loads of fun :) posted a comment on the Anderson’s blog. LOVED their video’

Renee - I’m only 50% sure I commented in the right place on the Anderson blog. Thanks for offering such a fun contest prize!

Renee - And I pinned it.

Renee - I posted on Facebook :)

AnnKC - I liked you on Facebook

Jill - I commented at Anderson Crew’s blog!

Jill - I pinned! jilleiselt

Amber Smith - We’re in the process of adopting our five foster children and would love to win this family video to document our forever family! We liked your page on Facebook, shared the post about the Anderson video and shared a photo on Instagram as Amberwavesograin. 12-5-2012

Rachelle - Pinned it! :)


Rachelle - I liked it on Pinterest! Crossing my fingers!!! :)


Jess - Just left a comment on Emily’s blog. Loved their film…so great!

carina - commented on emily’s blog. love the video!

carina - pinned it! :)

carina - I shared it on FB (and liked y’all):

Anna Brillhart - I posted a comment on the Anderson’s Blog :) (according to anna cathleen)

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Courtney - You are PINNED! :)
user name: cojobo

Courtney - I commented on Emily’s post!

lacey poag - left a comment on the andersons fun blog! love the video

lacey poag - so excited!
i liked & shared on fb!

Cindy Sullivan - Commented on Anderson Blog:-)

Jessica Campos - Left comment on the Anderson’s adorable blog jlmuhs

Cindy Sullivan - Wow what a wonderful gift!!!!!! The Anderson’s video was great! Video is often something we miss – we take a lot of pictures but only video gets those sweet voices that change so fast! Thank you for this generous opportunity!

Rebecca Reddig - liked you on facebook! the family video of the andersons is so cute!

Rebecca Reddig - i love the andersons! so cool! left a comment over there. :)

Jessica Campos - tagged and followed on instagram by jlmuhs

Jessica Campos -
I shared on my facebook!!

Sonja R - Posted a picture to Instagram, username: sonjaranslow with the hashtag!!

Also- my pinterest username is sonja_ranslow

Sonja R - Just left a comment on the Anderson blog. I love their film and would love the same for our family!!!

Sonja R - I just pinned on Pinterest! This is a great giveaway!

Samantha D. - I posted a comment on the Anderson blog!

Samantha D. - I pinned it! :)

Crissy Megow - I left Emily some sweet words as Recording Megow Adventures,,thanks (p.s. pick us, hahaha) ;)

Anna Brillhart - I shared the post on my facebook page! Anna ‘Westwood’ Brillhart. LOVE the video.

Crissy Megow - I shared your page and liked your page on facebook!
Crissy Megow is my profile name

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Traci - I pinned it! My pinterest profile is Traci Healey.

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Alicia Richard - BTW.. commented on the Andersons blog under thelittlerichards.

Alicia Richard - Watch the Andersons video and loved it! You guys do amazing things! Left a comment on the Anderson blog also.

Candace Mauck - Loved the video you created for the Anderson family! Y’all do amazing work!

Alissa - Commented on the Anderson’s Blog

beth phillips - pinned it! Beth Phillips

Lydia - What a great idea! Thank you for the giveaway; these movies are certainly treasures! (I left a comment on the Anderson’s blog.)

beth phillips - left a comment on the anderson’s blog!

hill - just left some love on the anderson’s blog.

hill - pinterest.

hill - shared on fb.

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Kristin Sellars - Posted on facebook! Kristin Sellars

Bethany - I commented on the Anderson Crew blog!

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Bethany - I pinned it! Bethany Rodriguez

Amy Jameson - Posted a comment on Emily’s blog. Thanks for the opportunity!

hoLLy - I also pinned on Pinterest. myskoop

carissa - i’m a photographer so i rarely ever end up in any family photos; i liked you on facebook and i’m pretty sure i’d like you in real life, too. thanks for the chance!

hoLLy - i also left a comment for the anderson crew.

hoLLy - I liked you on FB and shared!

Momof2 - Just commented on Anderson blog!! What an amazing gift you are giving away….Thank you for sharing your talents!

Courtney - commented on the andersons blog!

Courtney - pinned it! Pinterest name: Courtney.

Courtney - Shared on facebook! Name: Matthew-Courtney Aston

Anita Schwartzman - my family is quite unique…my husband and I have been married for 13 1/2 years and have an eighteen year old son and a nine year old adoped son and a 5 year old biological son. God is such a creative God to give us the family we have. I am beyond blessed and would love for our story to be told in this way.

Amy Coose - Posted on the wrong thread, sorry. I posted on Pinterest.
Amy Coose is my name on Pinterest.

Amy Coose - I posted on Facebook. My name is Amy Brock Coose.

Amy Coose - I posted on Emily’s blog.

Julie Duer - Also left a note on the Anderson blog….

Julie Duer - Julie Hanchak Duer posted about you on Facebook

rosina - i shared, i shared!! on my photography page (does that count?) even if i don’t win, i’m so happy to spread the word for you guys!! xoxo

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Amy Wilcher -
This is the coolest giveaway- EVER!

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Kristin J. - Instagrammed one of our favorite things-bath time! Side-note, I’ve only known one other girl named KristIn in my life and 3 other Kristins commented on this post. what are the odds? :)

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Christie - I shared on Facebook and liked the page!!! My name is Christie Michelle Otts on Facebook! Thanks!

Lisa - Just pinned your image on Pinterest!! My user name on Pinterest is Lisa Utu. Thanks! :)

Missy - Commented on the Anderson’s blog!

Missy - Shared and hashed tagged on IG!

Aaron - Leaving a comment for the Anderson’s. Great video!

Erika - I LOVE the Anderson family blog. This giveaway will totally bless whatever family receives it……what a gift! I hope our Colorado mountains get some snow and you we get chosen – magical!!

Missy - I liked and shared on FB!

LIsa - Just posted on Instagram! My instagram user name is lisautu. I forgot to add my Facebook name on the FB comment I left on here so here it is… Lisa Colbert Utu. :)

dawn h - left comment on anderson blog

Lisa - Love the Anderson’s blog! Just left a comment on it!

Lisa - Just liked your page on Facebook!!

Laura Kate M - Shared on FB – “Laura Kate McKee”

Emily Adams - I’m glad you redirected us to The Anderson Crew – what a neat family! Plus, I got to enter again – wahoo! :)

Emily Adams - And now I pinned your picture to my Pinterest wall under my username of Emily Adams.

Emily Adams - Boom! Entry #1 down – just liked your page and shared your link on Facebook under my username of Emily Adams.

elizabeth - I just posted on Emily’s blog :) What a fun giveaway! Thanks.

Kristin J. - I follow Emily’s blog already but definitely left her some love in her comment section! How could you not after watching that video?!

Kristin J. - I shared the contest info on my pinterest board! (username: kayjackson)

Kristin J - I shared the contest on my facebook!

Becky Z - I liked AY on facebook!

Jenn - And leaving a comment here too…PICK ME!!!

Jenn - Shared on Instagram (jenncooper) – we love Play Doh :)

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myra phipps - Just pinned info with myra phipps name

myra - Left a comment on my favorite family blog – The Anderson Crew

Gretchen Willmore - I commented on the Anderson Crew blog…beautiful!! Thanks!

Anna Bonick - Aaaaand this one can count for commenting on Emily’s blog! Hooray!

Gretchen Willmore - I pinned! I’m not sure what my pinterest name is to be honest but its either Gretchen Willmore or Gretchen Petramalo Willmore:)

Anna Bonick - Whoops. Overzealous comment before–clearly I need to comment for each thing I did! So this comment can count for the FB like and share. The previous can count for the Pinterest link.

Gretchen Willmore - My mom has cancer and all 10 of her children and their spouses and grandchildren are going to be together for Christmas this year. It would be priceless to capture it on tape. Hoping and praying…:)

I liked and shared on FB

Anna Bonick - Hello, beloved Shorts!!! How exciting!!! You know I always selflessly promote your work, but holy cow! How awesome to win a family film!!! I shared on FB, pinned your graphic (@anna_bonick), and commented on Emily’s blog–one I’m excited to follow from here on out! xoxo

Cheri - Left a comment on the Anderson Crew!

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Elizabeth Van Kort - I just left a comment on The Anderson’s blog! Here’s to hoping I win! :)

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Kristin Kline - aaaand last but not least, I shared a picture on Instagram with #ayfamilyfilm — username: hwblessedlife

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melissa - just posted on facebook
melissa jamey condevaux

Kristin Kline - I left Emily Anderson a comment on her post about her family’s video…so sweet.

Kristin Kline - shared on facebook (name is Kristin Kline)
ohhh what a great giveaway. you two are amazing at what you do and i’d LOVE to win!

Abby - I just “liked” you page on facebook.

Rachael Kincaid - Rachael Brown Kincaid on FB… shared the link!

Rachael Kincaid - @rachkincaid on Pinterest… shared photo to “Family Wish List” board!

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Courtney - commented on the anderson’s blog :-)

{oh…i hope i win!!}

Courtney - referenced on instagram pic – courtneycassada

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Courtney - i liked on facebook – courtney smith cassada

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Sarah Creighton - I left a super sweet comment over at the Anderson Crew’s blog! Thanks for the giveaway-you guys are super talented!!

Sarah Creighton - I shared a picture on Instagram and followed you both too ;) My handle there is VeggieKids

Jessica Anderson - Pinned your image on Pinterest!

Sarah Creighton - Loving this giveaway!!! I liked/shared on FB as Sarah Creighton!

Jessica Anderson - I left a comment on Emily’s Blog…that video is the sweetest!

Jessica ANderson - Entry #1…..liked and shared on facebook. We live on an island. In the middle Lake Michigan. What an amazing opportunity it would be for you to come HERE and film us!! Thanks for the chance :)

Jenna Knight - Just Shared the giveaway on Facebook!!

Lauren Casper - left a comment on Emily’s blog. :) Thank you for the chance to enter to win this!!

Lauren Casper - instagramed it too! pic of our little guy “reading” his Ethiopian Bible … username lcasper1

Lauren Casper - I shared on pinterest too — username laurencas

Lauren Casper - I shared on facebook – my name is Lauren Casper. :) This is an amazing giveaway!!!

Hannah - Just shared a pic on my Instagram with the hashtag. @hannahbunker

Yay! Would LOVE to win this!

Stephanie - so very sad i don’t live in the States! Your films are lovely. I’d love one for my family! Are you SURE you don’t want to come to Canada!?? How wonderful for the family that wins this!

Hannah - Just left a comment on Emily’s blog! Woot!

Hannah - Totally pinned this. I’m in it to win it. ;)

Hannah - I liked and shared on Facebook! Love this giveaway!

Bri Carlisle - I left a comment on the Anderson’s blog (I blog I have loved for years now!)

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

Lucy - Can you tell I would love to win this? Just commented on Anderson Family blog. Loved the glimpse into their lives

Suzanne - posted on facebook (Suzanne DeLaney)

Heidi V - I left a note on the Anderson’s blog!

Lucy - Pinned it

Lucy Weber (adamkatejohn)

Suzanne - pinned! user name is smdelaney

Suzanne - commented on emily’s blog

Jenn @ Beyond The Stoop - i LOVE the andersons! and that video was perfect. everyday family doing everyday things… i commented on her post about the video :)

Sara K - I’ve left a comment on the Anderson Crew’s blog. Thanks!

Lucy - I don’t know if anyone else is having a problem posting. A couple of times it said that I had already posted a comment that I in fact had not already posted, so I changed it and then it posted both. I’m not trying to sneak in another entry!

Lucy - Shared on FB lucyanneweber. It really is so fun to watch, even when you don’t even know this family

Lucy - #on Instagram. Lucyannne. Love this family film you posted !

Sophia - left a sweet comment on the anderson family blog :)

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Love this contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Jessica - I left a comment on the Anderson blog – how could I NOT comment on such a precious gift.

Jessica - I posted a pic on Instagram under Jesspohl using your hashtag. Take a trip down to South Alabama – its 77 degrees here today :)

Jessica - I just pinned your awesome giveaway on Pinterest under JessPohl.

Moya - Just commented on the Anderson Family blog. Gorgeous family and your film is beautiful.

jaime holmes - I pinned it!!

jaime holmes - I posted on intagram

jaime holmes - I fbed it!!

Kim - I left a note on the Anderson blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

Amy B. - and I posted on the Anderson blog :)

stacie johnson - pnned! stacie amendola-johnson

stacie johnson - commented the anderson crew! love love love that film

Kimberly - I’ve commented @ The Anderson’s.
What an amazing giveaway!
Crossing my fingers!!

Kimberly - Just posted on FB kimberly.a.easterling

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Tiffany Jackson - Pinned it. Dying to win. :)

stacie johnson - shared on Facebook! s

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megan -

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Stefanie - Aaaaaand I facebooked it. I am Ni Hao Y’all on FB –
Will leave y’all alone now :)
Thanks again!

Stefanie - Pinned it. Man, y’all are testing my social media skillz (which are painfully lacking) but I am happy to say, that with only one cup of coffee in my system, I succeeded!

Ashley - I left a comment on the Anderson Crew

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Stefanie - Ooops! See, I completely forgot to mention that I left a comment on the Anderson’s blog…

Chelsea - Pinned ya’ll! :) chelsea hibbard @ the blue swirl

Stefanie - What fun idea! And what a fabulous giveaway!
Would LOVE to have this made for our family to preserve the memory of now – life is so crazy with 11 kids (I can’t claim to birthing 11, 7 of my babies came to us by way of China) that I’m afraid there isn’t enough ink on the planet for me to capture what ‘life’ is like in this season :)
Thanks for the opportunity!

Chelsea - Amazing work! I shared on FB…Chelsea Goodell Hibbard :)

Jenny Collier - I reposted on Facebook (Jenny Collier Photography fan page). I repinned on Pinterest (jennycollier). And I commented on the Anderson Family Blog post. Will plan to repost on Instagram as soon as I can gather my children for a photo. :)

mandi@herbanhomestead - Wow! This is such a generous giveaway! Would love to document our family at this stage with our new one! Thanks for the chance.

ps- left a comment on the anderson blog as well.

Jen Bourget - I left a comment on the Anderson Crew blog…it was the most darling video ever. What a sweet family.

whitkae - would LOVE this to capture part of my wedding day — pinned via whitkae

whitkae - shared on facebook!! (whitney johnson – austin, tx) would love to win this & have them there to film part of the first day as part of my “new” family — MY WEDDING DAY!!

morgan - and pinned on pinterest @morgannorris

morgan - Awesome! I commented at the Andersons!

Megan Giraldo - What an amazing thing!! Love this. Shared on facebook. Profile name: Megan Giraldo

Danielle - I commented on the Anderson family blog :)

Jeane J. - Left a comment on the Anderson’s blog :-)

This is amazing!

erin spinks - I love family films!! Just posted on Anderson Crew blog–amazing to have on video what you think/feel/praise about each child! Sweet memories!

Amy - I also just left a comment on the Anderson’s blog. Thanks!

Amy - HI,

I love the video! I liked and shared your post on facebook. I can be found at We would love to win. Our three kids are at such a great age (6, 4 and 9 months) that it would be so fun to have something like this to look back on and remember how sweet they were when they were little.

merideth a. - i left a comment on the anderson blog. yay!!
such a sweet capture of them!!

merideth a. - woops sorry!! forget my fb username and my pinterest username.
facebook: merideth milne altom
pinterest: merideth altom

merideth a. - pinned it!!

merideth a. - facebook entry… check!

jen - so fun…saw the anderson video…what a great gift to cherish forever! thank you for this opportunity.

Lizzie - Oh man, I would so love to win. Just left a comment on the cute Anderson Crew blog. Such a sweet video.

Jaime S - I left a comment on Emily’s blog-cutest family ever!

Jen - I pinned it! As ourhappyfamily

Jen - I liked & shared on fb! as Jennifer Ulstein

Jaime S - Posted on Pinterest how cool your videos were! My username (I think LOL) is jaimeschmidt

Ashley Stinson - Pinned it!!! I’m “Ashley Stinson” on Pinterest!

Ashley Stinson - I am “Ashley Stinson” on FB and I just shared the Anderson video from your page!!! :)

Christi Kurtz - Instagram is up!

Jen - Just commented on the anderson family blog! loved their video!

Christi Kurtz - Pinned it!!

Christi Kurtz - Commented on the Anderson blog.

Christi Kurtz - I posted on facebook: Christi Kurtz

Jamie - Okay, my last entry (FINGERS CROSSED!!) I commented on the Anderson Crew’s blog! I love them!

Jamie - I pinned your logo to pinterest.

nicole i - comment at andersoncrew…such a sweet mini movie.

Jamie - I liked you guys on FB! So excited for a chance to win!

Kara Ayers - And….left a comment on the Anderson family blog<—-which I love:) Thank you so much for the opportunity to dream. This would be beyond amazing.

Kara Ayers - Instagrammed it:) My username there is karaayers

Kara Ayers - I pinned it:) My pinterest username is kara_ayers

Kara Ayers - Just posted on Facebook. My name there is Kara Ayers. This would be AMAZING:)

sarah - I posted a pic with the hashtag on Insta!! I am @sarahelizabethlowe ! And also, I followed you guys…love having new insta friends! :)

Deborah - I just Instagrammed a photo, but I’m private so you’ll have to follow me to see the pic in the hash tag show up. My Instagram acct is @amharju. Thanks for this chance!

Robin Anderson - I shared it on Facebook :)

Deborah - Just left a comment on Emily’s blog, again, such a beautiful film. What a treasure for her and her family to look back on for years to come.

Annieglan - Pintrest wouldn’t let me pin your main homepage, but I pinned this page. I hope that counts. If so, this is my third entry.

Deborah - Just pinned the giveaway to Pinterest, under Deborah Harju, but I wasn’t able to comment with a link, they are blocking because they assume spam, but I will keep trying to link.

Julia - Saw the video through the Anderson Crew blog and left a comment there. Great work! Thank you for sharing.

sarah - I pinned it! I am SarahELowe on Pinterest!! hoping to spread the word about yall! :)

Annieglan - ok Entry #2 up on facebook. Thank you so much for offering to do this.

Deborah - Beautiful film, what a treasure for this family! I shared and liked your page on Facebook, my profile is Deborah M-H

sarah - I shared yall on FB… i am Sarah Hopkins Lowe! :)

Ariel - LOVE the Anderson film! I want one of my family! Pinned it- arieliona

Annieglan - Entry #1 I commented over on the Andersons’ blog.

This video is so sweet and I’d love to capture our adoption tale.

Ariel - Left a comment on the Anderson Blog :)

adina - I left a sweet comment on emily’s blog. thanks for this fantastic giveaway!! how are you, people, so talented?

Renee - I pinned your image on Pinterest! -Renee VanReed

Annie Page - and I shared you on Pinterest! Annie Page is my name! Thanks again – such a cool give away, what a wonderful thing to have for a family!

caroline helmers - posted on fb! caroline helmers

Renee - I liked and shared you on Facebook. -Renee Van Reed

caroline helmers - commented on emily’s blog!

Annie Page - Holla! I liked you on facebook – here’s my info:

Caroline Helmers - pinterest… chelmers27! great giveaway and product offer. every family should have a video! :)

Molly - Just left a comment on the Anderson blog. Love the film!

Annie Page - Well here goes #2 entry! I commented on the Anderson Blog – so, so cute. LOVE what you do!

Molly - I liked and shared on Facebook, but not sure I was able to tag you since I typed it in and it didn’t come up. I tried though and would love to win!!

myblackfriendsays - I commented on the Anderson’s blog, but before I even knew I could win something over here. Neat. Thanks for the giveaway!

Renee - I left a comment on Emily’s blog! Great job on her video!

Amy - Left a comment on The Anderson Crew. Entry 4…check! Come to Ten-UH-see! :)

Amy - Shared and hashtagged on Instagram! Username is atippy. Entry 3…check!

monica - i also liked and shared on facebook.

monica - i just loved the anderson family video. you can just feel the love and how fun they are ! i commented on their blog.

Jeanna - I commented on Emily’s blog. It really is such an amazing video. Our crazy lichtenfamily has some character we’d like to capture for our future generations as well. Praying we win…Lord willing, of course.

ANSI - Great work!

kristin fulghum - pleeeeeease pick me!!!

commented on the anderson crew’s blog

kristin fulghum - but seriously, pick me.

instagrammed it!

Jeanna - I liked and shared on FB, and we need to win this giveaway. It would be a HUGE blessing for us! Our name on facebook is James-Jeanna Lichtenberger

kristin fulghum - pick me, pick me!!


Jeanna - I liked and shared on FB, and we need to win this giveaway. It would be a HUGE blessing for us!

Amy - Pinned it. Username Amy Tippens! Entry 2…check!!!

Sarah - I commented on the Anderson’s blog as well. Such an amazing video!

Beth Cupitt - and shared on facebook.

jennie - obsessed with the anderson’s video! i left a comment on their blog!

Amy - Liked and shared on the good ole’ Facebook! Entry 1…check!!!

Sarah - I pinned the contest info on pinterest as well (sehatcher).

Beth Cupitt - pinned it. i’m finally going to win something. i can feel it.

Jenni - Umm already left a comment on the anderson crew blog because the video was so simply amazing, so I yay one entry for me so far, hope I win!!!!

Beth Cupitt - commented on the anderson crew blog. i love those people.

Sarah - I shared the contest info on facebook (sarah.hatcher.106) :)

Sarah A - Just left a comment on Emily’s blog post! What a beautiful film! You guys do great work.

beth cupitt - LOVED the film! real life is awesome.

Rachel - The thing is, I’m totally not going to win since I’m going to be the first entries. Whatever. I just commented on the Anderson blog.

Rachel - I just pinned it because I think you guys deserve another trip to DC! Pinned as Rachel PS.

Rachel - Am I really the first entry? I just shared on FB! Rachel PS.

Lesley - I want to win this for the family I live with. They have five kids, two adopted from Rwanda. Ages 5,8,8,11,14. They run a Christian sports camp in Colorado. The father is a speaker, an author and pretty much an expert on teenagers. The wife keeps everything running smoothly, her husbands travels, gymnastics, dance, drum lessons, robotics classes, school parties, the 2 dogs… All with blunt, witty, exciting fun and humor! It’s never a dull moment here and the kids are fantastic! It’s literally the most adorable fun family ever!

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