Alison & Brian’s Fresh Air Farm Wedding Film

Alison contacted us just a few months before her beautiful fall wedding at Fresh Air Farm to ask if we would be available to film. She shared with us that as a photographer, she knows how important it is to encapsulate every memory possible of the day that she had put so much hard work and love into. As she filled us in on the wedding day plans, we were floored by Alison’s attention to detail. Every detail during their wedding day represented something special to her relationship and history with Brian. Spending a wedding day with a couple as in love and excited as Brian and Alison was wonderful and we love their film!

We’re so thankful to have been able to help them remember their amazing wedding day.


Sheryl Hickman - Can’t watch Alison & Brian’s wedding without a few happy tears! I’m so happy that my baby girl found her perfect match!

Chad Stevens - Congrats to you both! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be apart of your special day! It was an amazing event on a perfect day. Brian you’re like a brother and I’m honored to call you one of my best friends. From the day we first met till now we’ve had some great times, non can compare to all the days we were hunting and fishing though. I know you always wanted to find your soul mate and begin a family so you can pass down the traditions of being at outdoorsman to your little ones as they were passed down to us. I look forward to the day you and I can take our kids and show them love of the outdoors we used to enjoy together. I’m glad you have finally found her and can begin your new life together. Take care of each other and let your love for one another be shown to the world for the rest of your lives. Chad

Betsy - That was exceptional! Really, really beautiful. I think you need to come to CT…

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