Mi-Ne comes to America

For the past two months, we have had the pleasure of living life with Mi-Ne, a college student from South Korea. Mi-Ne came to stay with us while studying an English language immersion course at a local university. Her fun-loving, easygoing personality and big smile made life in our home pretty fun, as she learned about our culture and we learned about hers. We loved hearing stories about Korea, and hearing about her daily encounters with American slang, idioms, and cultural differences that we don’t think twice about, but that were so new to her (have you ever to explain “air quotes” to someone? It’s difficult!).  : )

Mi-Ne traveled back home to Korea last weekend, and we’ll miss her. The night before she left, in the last 10 minutes of light, I snapped a few pictures of Mi-Ne in our neighborhood and in front of our home.

Now, she’s part of our story.

– Erica



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