Lynsay & Stephan’s Longview Mansion Wedding

Several months before their wedding, we met Lynsay and Stephan for lunch to discuss what is important to them about their wedding day. We learned a few things over lunch:

1) Family is incredibly important to them (especially since they were introduced by Stephan’s brother and sister-in-law).
2) They’re both incredible athletes — and according to Stephan’s sister-in-law, they’ll someday make incredibly athletic children ; )
3) Stephan makes Lynsay laugh a lot… and Lynsay has the best giggle ever.
4) Lynsay and Stephan are perfect for each other. Even during a crowded lunch hour in a downtown KC restaurant, we could feel how excited they were to get married.

… and because of all of these things, we just couldn’t wait to film their wedding day!

I (Jeff) went to film the guys play golf the morning before the wedding, while Erica tagged along with the girls for mani-pedis.

On the wedding day, the weather was looking pretty gloomy when we showed up to film Lynsay at the salon. When we arrived at Longview Mansion, it appeared that we were up against imminent thunderstorms. As guests began showing up, many of them had their umbrellas with them “just in case”. Luckily, at the last minute, the storm clouds disappeared and the sun came out to give Lynsay and Stephan the perfect, beautiful, sunny wedding day that they deserved.

Lynsay orchestrated a special surprise for the guests during the reception. To see what she arranged, I guess you’ll just have to watch all the way until the end of the film… ; )

We hope you enjoy!

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