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It’s a funny thing, how life moves forward. How time passes and babies grow and memories get made and stories live on in our minds and hearts and sometimes in photographs and sometimes in shaky video from a cheap plastic camera.

It’s a funny thing how impromptu decisions can shape a whole season of life. How husbands sometimes surprise their wives with crazy things like “we’re taking our baby to Europe” and wives who say “okay” even though it doesn’t even make sense but at the same time, it does.

Tonight I was up late working, getting ready to archive a hard drive of old photos, and I saw it — a video file of an unfinished project that got pushed aside because of 1. work 2. life 3. deadlines 4. more important things to do. It was our family’s video from the time we took our 15-month-old baby Ben to Paris on vacation. No real cameras. No real agenda. Just us, together, with a point-and-shoot camera for still images, and a tiny cheap plastic camera called a Zumi for video. No sound. Just shaky images and funny colors and lots and lots of smiles and sweet moments captured of a baby who didn’t even walk yet.

I knew if I archived that hard drive, the imagery of that trip would be archived away with it. They live in my mind, but not in our Ben’s mind. He won’t remember that he even went on this trip with us. But we want him to see it, and to know that even from an early age, we cared about him experiencing life in a rich and meaningful way. And that we wanted to share in it with him.

So tonight I pressed pause. Pause on the never-ended to-do list. And I finished up an edit I started a year and a half ago. Because our memories need to live outside of our minds, too. They need to be seen, shared, and remembered. Because life moves forward and gets more and more beautiful, but it’s also good and nostalgic and sweet to look back and watch what it was like, to live in that memory.

Our Family in Paris: October 2014 from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.


Kelly and Jeff’s Kansas City Wedding: The Gallery

Kelly and Jeff’s wedding was on a gorgeous April day. The thing that stands out the most to be about their day is how these two light up when they’re with each other. It was so fun for us to watch on their wedding day how much you could just SEE how much they love each other and are comfortable in each other’s presence.

The importance of family was also really clear. Kelly and Jeff are both one of four children, and their siblings were all involved in the wedding party, which is always fun. I loved that Kelly got ready in her parent’s home, surrounded by things that are familiar and important to her family. Kelly’s two-week-old baby nephew was also a highlight of the day. :)

Their ceremony was at Church of the Ascension and their reception was at The Gallery downtown!

Enjoy this preview of Kelly and Jeff’s story!


My second shooter for the day, Jamie, captured these images of the guys getting ready. I especially love the shot of Jeff and his dad before the ceremony.







The Mores Family

What a treat it is to get to create images for another photographer — someone who is most often behind the camera, documenting other people’s lives instead of their own. This family is so sweet, and I loved our time spent together during an evening shoot at the Nelson-Atkins, one of my absolute favorite places to shoot.

family-photos-kansas-city01family-photos-kansas-city02   family-photos-kansas-city03



family-photos-kansas-city10family-photos-kansas-city07   family-photos-kansas-city11

The Barnes Family

Last week, I did two mini-sessions (which are a rare offering for me) and all of the proceeds went to support a friend who ran the Boston Marathon last month while raising money for an autism foundation. I loved how quickly the two spots filled up with families who wanted to help the cause — and who got fun mini-sessions in return! It was so fun to capture this family before they move from Kansas City — the last time they were in front of my camera we were shooting video at their wedding several years ago. :)

family-photos-nelson-atkins01family-photos-nelson-atkins02family-photos-nelson-atkins03family-photos-nelson-atkins04family-photos-nelson-atkins05family-photos-nelson-atkins06family-photos-nelson-atkins07family-photos-nelson-atkins08family-photos-nelson-atkins09family-photos-nelson-atkins10family-photos-nelson-atkins11   family-photos-nelson-atkins12family-photos-nelson-atkins13   family-photos-nelson-atkins14family-photos-nelson-atkins15

Haven and her mommy

We began answering to “mommy” in the same year, just a few months apart. Before that, though, we did a lot of other things at the same time. That’s what happens when you’re best friends from the age of six. I don’t know what I would do without my very best friend. She just gets me. And now, with half-the-country distance between us, we can’t hang out all the time. But there’s comfort in a continuous text thread, FaceTime calls, and sharing photos and videos back and forth. There’s comfort in doing something alongside someone who you’ve been doing things alongside for a large majority of life, even from a distance. And there’s so much joy in watching your very best friend become a mom. And then become a mom again. Our two boys and her two girls are going to be quite the pairs.




haven03haven04   haven05haven06haven07haven08haven09haven10haven11haven12haven14