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Mimsy and Jeff’s Wedding at The Gallery

Smiles, smiles, and more smiles. When Mimsy talked about what she hoped to capture in the images from the day she and Jeff got married, it was emotion. Reactions from the people they care most about, throughout the day. The big things and small things — the people, interactions, and the details that all meant something to them. My most favorite part about wedding photography is watching people (through my camera lens) and waiting for emotion. This day was full of sweet moments, big smiles, lots of joy. I hope the images help tell the story of how loved Mimsy and Jeff are, and how much excitement bubbled over on their wedding day.

Enjoy this preview of their day, and a huge special thanks to my wonderful second shooter, Keshia Pietz, who skillfully captured the day alongside me. I love the shots she captured (featured in this post) of the guys getting ready and of Mimsy and her dad before she walked down the aisle, among others. The day was coordinated by the lovely Sarah Quinlivan with Quintessential Events. The gorgeous florals and event design for the ceremony and reception were by Blue Bouquet.

Congratulations, Mimsy and Jeff!


Steven and Martha’s Missouri Wedding: Amadeus Ranch

This past weekend, we got to witness two very special people become husband and wife. I (Erica) got to watch it all unfold through the view of my camera, and Jeff had the view of the best man. We could not be more excited for Steven and Martha, who are a wonderful match for each other. Steven has been a really important part of Jeff’s life since middle school, and I know Jeff has been looking forward to this day for a long time. We loved how they kept the day focused on spending time with family and friends. We also loved the beautiful new venue in southwest Missouri where they got married, Amadeus Ranch.

Congratulations, Steven and Martha! Happy honeymooning! :)


steven-martha-wedding17   steven-martha-wedding18


steven-martha-wedding82   steven-martha-wedding83


The day Owen was born

It’s nothing short of a miracle, how babies come into the world. It’s this overwhelming journey that a mother and her baby go through for 40 whole weeks (give or take a few) to arrive at the day that is forever labeled their birth day. It’s slow and fast, all at once. It’s an experience unlike any other — really, a miracle.

It’s also some kind of miracle that I even got to document Owen’s birth in the first place. I wasn’t supposed to be there. My friend Briana is a wonderful photographer who was supposed to get to witness this day. But, when it became clear Owen would be joining his family a few weeks early — on a day when Briana also had a wedding — I got to fill in. All morning, I got text messages updating me on the progress of the labor. Still a 4. Still a 4. Then 45 minutes later, she’s at a 7. Then 10 minutes later, another text: it’s go-time! I live about 25 minutes from the hospital where the delivery was happening, and I was on my way there, hoping I would make it in time. I’m sure the people who saw me running through the parking lot and briskly walk-jogging in the hallways had quite a chuckle wondering where I was headed. I set my camera settings in the elevator on the way up, guessing at what I thought the light in the room would look like. I checked in at the maternity wing desk, found the room, walked in camera-ready, as the doctor said “great timing!” and within a minute or so, Owen was born. I told you — it was some kind of miracle.

I am thankful. Thankful I made it to the birth. Thankful to get to experience a human life entering the world. Thankful my job is about documenting life in all its beauty, chaos, and unexpected moments.

Here’s a little film that I did combining their still images with some video clips of the birth day (there is nothing graphic, just a baby right after birth!). A few of the still images of the moments after the birth are also below.

Owen’s Birth Film from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.

owen-birth01   owen-birth03

owen-birth06   owen-birth07

owen-birth32   owen-birth33

owen-birth35   owen-birth40
owen-birth41   owen-birth46

owen-birth60   owen-birth61

Sonya and Tyler’s Weston Red Barn Farm Wedding

It’s hard to know where to begin describing this day. I’m sitting here thinking about what my favorite part was, or which detail, moment, event stood out to me the most, and I just keep listing off thing after thing in my head. That’s what happens when two people as individually amazing as Sonya and Tyler getting married to each other. Then you mix in their families, friends, one of my absolute favorite venues to photograph, a sweet little town church, heartfelt moments, funny moments, cute kids… and I haven’t even mentioned the insanely gorgeous details of the floral design, place settings, decor, and details… and yeah, it was a great day.

Sonya and Tyler, I am so thrilled for you to begin this journey of marriage. Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photographs, and for inviting me into the story. You are a special couple.

There’s a big list of vendors at the bottom of this blog post, but special thank you to Madison Sanders, who coordinated this day, and my wonderful second shooter, Jamie.


This is the face of a bride who hadn’t walked out of the bridal suite at all during the set-up process for the reception. :) And then you’ll see why… it was stunning!


I love the photos Jamie captured of the moments in the background right before Sonya walked down the aisle, while I was shooting the processional.


The newer Timber Barn at the Weston Red Barn Farm is insanely beautiful.


We didn’t get to do a sunset portrait shoot like I had hoped, since a rainstorm moved in. But there’s something magical about some rain on a wedding day. So romantic! We took advantage of that, and Sonya and Tyler were good sports to jump out in the rain for a few quick photos. :)


Congratulations, you two!!

Awesome vendors:

Coordination: Madison Sanders Events

Floral design/decor (so amazing!): Shana Vaughn Designs

Hair/makeup: White Carpet Bride

Catering: The Rub

Cake: Sweet Bliss Cakery

Band: Private Stock


It’s a funny thing, how life moves forward. How time passes and babies grow and memories get made and stories live on in our minds and hearts and sometimes in photographs and sometimes in shaky video from a cheap plastic camera.

It’s a funny thing how impromptu decisions can shape a whole season of life. How husbands sometimes surprise their wives with crazy things like “we’re taking our baby to Europe” and wives who say “okay” even though it doesn’t even make sense but at the same time, it does.

Tonight I was up late working, getting ready to archive a hard drive of old photos, and I saw it — a video file of an unfinished project that got pushed aside because of 1. work 2. life 3. deadlines 4. more important things to do. It was our family’s video from the time we took our 15-month-old baby Ben to Paris on vacation. No real cameras. No real agenda. Just us, together, with a point-and-shoot camera for still images, and a tiny cheap plastic camera called a Zumi for video. No sound. Just shaky images and funny colors and lots and lots of smiles and sweet moments captured of a baby who didn’t even walk yet.

I knew if I archived that hard drive, the imagery of that trip would be archived away with it. They live in my mind, but not in our Ben’s mind. He won’t remember that he even went on this trip with us. But we want him to see it, and to know that even from an early age, we cared about him experiencing life in a rich and meaningful way. And that we wanted to share in it with him.

So tonight I pressed pause. Pause on the never-ended to-do list. And I finished up an edit I started a year and a half ago. Because our memories need to live outside of our minds, too. They need to be seen, shared, and remembered. Because life moves forward and gets more and more beautiful, but it’s also good and nostalgic and sweet to look back and watch what it was like, to live in that memory.

Our Family in Paris: October 2014 from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.