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Elliott’s Newborn Photos

Sweet little Elliott arrived one day early. I don’t blame him. I would want to get home to that adorable nursery, canine big brother, and loving parents, too. :) I LOVED what Erin and Adam did with his Kansas City/Royals/baseball/boy-themed nursery. It was a perfect blend. And look at his perfect little face!


elliott-newborn05   elliott-newborn02




elliott-newborn09   elliott-newborn12




elliott-newborn21   elliott-newborn22


Our baby Luke

You know what they say about a cobbler’s children having no shoes… Well, we are so busy documenting everyone else’s memories that we rarely post photos of our own family (apart from iPhone photos on Instagram, if you follow us there!). I had to pause for a second tonight, though, and post a few recent photos of our sweet second son. Baby Luke is amazing, with a happy and content personality and the best chubby rolls for smooching. He’s 5 months old, and we are so thankful for him. He looked so adorable last week one morning while I was getting him dressed that I had to grab my “real” camera and snap a few images of him (on our unmade bed… ha ha. Glamorous!).


luke-5-months-blog02luke-5-months-blog03luke-5-months-blog04luke-5-months-blog05   luke-5-months-blog06luke-5-months-blog07luke-5-months-blog08

Amanda, before she met her baby girl

Pregnancy and childbirth is such an incredible thing — one day they’re growing inside, the next they’re out in the world where everyone else gets to hold our baby, too. The last weeks of pregnancy are rarely easy, but with both of our babies, I’ve missed being pregnant and feeling their movements and jabs and wiggles. I love getting to document all of this. If only I could figure out how to capture the feeling of a baby kick in a photograph.

Amanda has now met her baby girl, and I’m so excited to see them soon for another shoot. :)


amanda-maternity02   amanda-maternity03amanda-maternity04   amanda-maternity05amanda-maternity06amanda-maternity07

amanda-maternity08   amanda-maternity09

Liza’s Newborn Photos

She has the sweetest little room in the most charming three story home — an extension of her parent’s bedroom, designed with love. Their third baby, but first little girl, Liza is welcomed into an amazing family with parents who love their children well and with big brothers who are already so sweet to her.

newborn-liza10   newborn-liza11
newborn-liza19   newborn-liza21

newborn-liza20   newborn-liza22