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Ebony and Jared’s Kansas City Wedding

Ebony and Jared’s amazing Gatsby-inspired wedding was a gorgeous event. What made it even better was the way they love each other, and how much their family and friends care about them. Their reception had some of the BEST, most personal, thoughtful toasts, and we were so excited to use those throughout the film to help tell their story. This one had us smiling really big during the fun/funny parts, and tearing up during the sentimental parts — really, the best combination. :) Enjoy this film!

A big thank you to Michelle Henke for second shooting with Jeff!

Ebony & Jared’s Wedding Film from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.

Stacey and Arpit’s Wedding Film: Blue Hill at Stone Barns (New York)

We knew this wedding was going to be amazing based on the locations alone — starting in our favorite city, New York City, and ending at one of our favorite wedding venues, Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Then, we “met” Stacey and Pit via Skype, and we knew it was going to be REALLY good. They are fun. They are quick to laugh. They love their dogs. They love each other, and had a 10-year relationship leading up to their wedding to demonstrate that love. They care about the environment, and people, and animals, and volunteering their time. They care about the details. All of those things worked together on their wedding day in a way that allowed us to tell a story about their wedding… but more importantly, a story about them.

We hope you love their film. We’re pretty positive you’ll want to 1) hang out in Union Square, 2) visit Blue Hill, and 3) be their friends. :)

Stacey and Arpit’s Wedding Film: Blue Hill at Stone Barns from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.

The Soper Family Film

We had the amazing opportunity to film a story for the Soper family. They have been through a lot in the last several years: a rare cancer diagnosis at 29 years old, followed by a left side pelvis and leg amputation, and figuring out how to live the new normal. Jeff hiked a 14,000 foot peak in Colorado with Kurt to capture that huge accomplishment, an amazing symbol of his journey. Here is their story:

The Sopers: A Family Film from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.

Lindsey and Shawn’s Wedding TEASER Film

We are really excited to share with you a teaser film from Lindsey and Shawn’s wedding! Their package included this teaser, delivered within a few weeks of their wedding — this is a preview of what’s to come in their longer film, and an awesome window into their day.

We noticed on the day of their wedding that they had an adorable exchange on Facebook, and it was perfectly tied to the story of their day, so we took a cue from a videographer friend of ours, Tim Seley, and worked it into their film. We love how it all came together.

Congratulations, Lindsey and Shawn! Happy honeymooning!

Lindsey & Shawn TEASER Film from Anecdotally Yours (Jeff Short) on Vimeo.

Liberty Memorial family photos

This family is one of my favorites. They’re just fun to be around and quick to laugh. I was glad we got to do a family portrait session this fall before I stopped shooting for a while (due to being really pregnant/having a baby soon). I was even more glad we had some beautiful fall colors. And can you even believe their cute outfits and little Nola’s plaid poncho?? :)


kansas-city-portraits01   kansas-city-portraits10